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Feed the Delgu
Feed the Delgu


You once heard a tale of a young voxibell who had a dire delgu as a pet. This was always just beleived to be tall tales though! How could a voxi tame a dire delgu? Their appetites were insatiable and their tempers unwavering.
That is until you found yourself stumbling into a crowd, staring with awe at just a voxi youth, and behind her, a massive rock patterned delgu stood. On her neck was a bright collar of red matching the voxibells manabone.

"Come cast your lot in!" The voxibell bellowed, a sly grin across her face.
"Give Princess a gift of food and she may return something back to you! Just remember she has high tastes, and what she favors seems to change."
The dire delgu, whom you now know as Princess snorted happily in response to Titari's words. Behind the delgu stood a mound of trinkets and treasures of all sorts! The crowd only seemed to get bigger as kyvalorians stared in wonder and some offered gifts! Not all got a gift in return, but some were given back a gift from the delgu, something taken straight from the stash it seemed to guard.
"Don't wait up! It's hard keeping a dire delgu calm on an empty stomache you know."

This is an NPC fetch quest, and no art or writing is needed!
Once a week you may cast your lot in and donate food to the delgu!
Depending on the type of food, a prize will be rewarded! The delgu's tastes change every month, but feel free to share your findings with other members of PR! You may be able to figure out her favorite foods for the month easier this way.

Just attach one(1) item to the quest and submit it and you will be returned with a gift from Princess.

Good luck!



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