Submission (#2570) Approved

15 May 2024, 13:38:47 PDT (2 months ago)
15 May 2024, 18:15:13 PDT (2 months ago) by Lawlie
There we go... I'll be setting her home in Lynorre for now.

I hope that I am eligible for the elaborate setting prompt as I am still a little confused if that applies here, but otherwise if that's not the case I don't mind having those shards simply removed during processing (rather than kicked back).

Word count: 1746 words / 44 shards
+ personal character (Pip): 2 shards
+ unofficial NPC (Missus Melina): 2 shards
+ intricate setting: 6 shards

Total: 54 shards
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Writing - 54 Shards

Word Count: 1746
Personal Characters: 1
Unofficial NPC: 1
Pets: 0
Another Players Characters: 0
Official NPC: 0
Monthly Featured Character: Off
Intricate Setting: On
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Avilli-157: Pip

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