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The Blight


Everdenn is a small town in a large area. A large town with a small amount of goings-on. It is a town of producing, a town of peace and hard work. A small city center acts as the heart of Everdenn. Shops, taverns, inns, a post office, and a few other abodes make it worth the visit from the outlying farms. Those lay along dirt and cobble arteries, each homestead further stretched apart from its neighbor the farther you travel. Far enough out and you could feel totally alone, seeing not a soul or a sign of structure from one’s modest house when the fields were emptied.  The air is crisp and the land flat, laid atop a bed of fertile soil and finely crafted irrigation systems. The market stalls of nearly every other city in Kyvalore can thank Everdenn for a continuous supply of juicy fruits and wool clothes, among many other foods and wares. The farmers of this fair-weathered town work studiously to make sure the fields are full of life year round. 

It is with this knowledge and the excellence of product raised and sold by Everdenn’s farmers that the stress of a successful crop is heaped upon their bent shoulders. A bad year for one means less to go around for others, and only so much needed to go wrong before it became a bad year for kyvalorians around the globe.

And it was beginning to look like a bad year. 

You were ‘In Town’ at the city center one day when you noticed Fern, out in front of her botany shop. The normally cheery if eccentric voxibell was obviously distraught about something, her tan head hung low and even more hidden inside her wide-brimmed hat than usual. Upon getting closer, she notices you and moves her head in the direction of a flower pot set off to one side of her shop’s entrance. The pot was large and deep, it’s clay exterior decorated, cleaned off, and decorated again in an obviously long cycle of use. Currently a patterning of small gemstones and decorative vines wrapped the pot in a precise and artistic order. The plant inside, however was not nearly as vibrant. It used to be thickly stemmed and long leafed, that you knew for sure. Other than the fact that said stem was green, however, you couldn’t gleam much else. What was left was dark, mushy and even moldy in more than a few places.

“I’ve had this plant since I was only a babe.” Fern told you, mournfully. “My nana gave it to me, though she could never tell my mother where she got it from. I’ve had it through long droughts and tough winters, from town to town it’s come with me.

But something’s here now, and it took it from me. It’s taking other’s too. I’ve seen the looks of the people coming in. Something’s happening to the harvests.”

She paused for a second, and you could see a slight shift in her posture, her expression.

“If this is getting to the crops, then there’s much more at stake here than a few pretty flowers. We need to get down to the bottom of this before things turn sour and winter turns dark. Can you help me, friend? Help me find the extent of this blight?” The last word left her mouth with almost a snarl, like it was a curse.


This is part of a location questline!

Location questlines put your character directly into a story of that location. While the story is directed with each prompt, you still have different ways to address the situation!  Each part of the questline will unlock the next part for you to continue on your adventure! Be warned though, there may be dangers ahead so your kyvalorian better be prepared for the journey(and stat checks!).

Each step of the quest will reward you with bonus rewards, some of them exclusive to that questline. Once the questline is completed your character will earn a special badge showing it!

Your character must be in the location for your quest to be accepted.

Minimum Drawing Requirements:
1 fullbody character and an advanced background.
Minimum Writing Requirements:
1200 words

Please submit it with standard shard breakdown for your work.


Reward Amount
Everdenn Foraging 2
User EXP 25
Character EXP 25
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