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Hunting For Lulari

The hunt for luck and fortune…


Your character must have the bird statuette to enter the Aetherin Forest.
If your character has not received the strange coin or bird statuette they can complete to prompt to receive it from the 'The Weary Merchant" quest in the Kyvalore's Story section on the quest board.

You've travelled to the Aetherin forest where magic seems to ward off travellers unless they possess a certain item. There's a rumor that the creatures here bring good luck and fortune if they are befriended, and you are here to do just that.

Draw or write about your character hunting for a lulari. Do they set a trap? Do they try to find nests to steal an egg? Or do they wait to see if a lulari strikes any interest in them first?

Drawing Requirements:
A partial body character and a basic background

Writing Requirements:
800 words

Please include standard shard breakdown for your work so we can reward you accordingly!


Reward Amount
Lulari 1
User EXP 10
Character EXP 10
This prompt has ended.
Ends: 15 May 2022, 23:57:57 PDT (6 months ago)
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